Everybody’s looking for the secret to good teeth. Ask any dentist out there and he or she will probably tell you that the truth is simply that you need to come in for check ups regularly and take care of your teeth between visits. It’s not mind blowing advice or anything like that, but the good news is that it really works.

That’s why in today’s post, the team at Beverly Hills Smiles is here to give you a bit of a refresher course on what you can do at home to make sure you’re taking the best possible care of your teeth. If you could use that — and let’s be honest, who couldn’t? — then this blog is for you. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Take Good Care of Your Teeth Between Visits


It’s no surprise that a family dental office would recommend that you brush your teeth. As long as you’re brushing a couple of times a day, you’re doing the right thing. If you have trouble brushing for the recommended two minutes each time, our advice is to get an electric toothbrush because many of them have timers that will alert you every 30 seconds. This allows you to brush in quadrants for the recommended amount of time. Don’t want to use an electric toothbrush? Setting a timer on your phone is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re brushing long enough.

Work your way around your mouth using small circles, making sure to massage your gums. Keep in mind that the goal isn’t to attack your teeth and gums, but instead to get rid of plaque. Be gentle and you’ll do just fine.


Ah yes, flossing; it’s the thing everyone knows they should do more often. If you’re like many people, flossing is an uncomfortable experience. Perhaps your gums bleed a little bit (or a lot). Maybe they’re sore afterwards.

The reality is that the more often you do it, the better — as long as you’re using the right technique. Whether you’re using traditional floss or floss picks, the idea is the same as brushing. Gently massage along the gum line, removing plaque from your teeth as you go.

Use Mouthwash

The easiest way to finish your oral health routine is with a bit of mouthwash. Regardless of the flavor, simply following the directions on your mouthwash of choice can help to loosen up anything else that’s still clinging to the inside of your mouth.

The bonus, of course, is that it makes your whole mouth smell and feel really good!

It’s quick, easy, and effective, making it something that you should add to your routine every time.

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