Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills MI

Even people with perfectly straight teeth have insecurities about their smile. One of the main issues we find that our patients have with their smile is the color of it. Luckily, teeth bleaching and teeth whitening are easy and fast ways to enhance your smile overall.

Most Michigan dental offices offer two different teeth whitening services:

  • In office: Using laser technology, your dental team can lighten your teeth anywhere from 5-7 shades in one hour.
  • At home: In just two weeks you can get your teeth 5-7 shades lighter by wearing a whitening tray for several hours a day.

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

There are many different reasons people opt to get their teeth whitened by a professional dentist. This is due to the numerous causes of teeth discoloration. These include but are not limited to:

  • Genetics

  • Aging

  • Injuries to the teeth

  • Illness

  • Medicines, such as some antibiotics

  • Tobacco use

  • Contact with stain-causing foods and drinks (ie. berries, wine, coffee, and more)

  • Getting too much fluoride which teeth were developing

Options For Whitening

Tooth-whitening options vary widely. You can choose something gentle that will whiten the surface of your tooth or you can opt for something stronger in order to remove deeper stains. If you unsure of the type of whitening you should use, we would recommend getting the opinion of your dentist. Ultimately, your dental team can lead you in the best direction for whitening your specific smile.

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